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Specialty Lawn Care Services

nj lawn care servicesThese specialty services are not included in any of our programs, but are sometimes needed as seperate applications.


Yellow nutsedge is a fast growing, light green grass-like annual weed. Here in New Jersey, nutsedge comes up with warmer temperatures in late spring/early summer. Cooler nights in late summer/early fall will stop its growth. One application of a specialty product will knock down existing populations, and provide good seasonal control.


Deer Tick Control: Custom programs available. Designed to meet the individual needs of homeowners and properties. A professional evaluation of your property will include recommendations as to targeting control products and reducing costs. Dog Tick Control: Primarily applied to back lawns, 2-3 applications per season.


Applications of specialty products slow the spread of disease for up to 21 days. This allows the grass plants to recover, and grow out the disease. Proper watering and cultural practices can greatly reduce the need for disease controls.


Eliminates weeds and weedy grasses from driveways, patios, walkways, stone beds and wooded areas.


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