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nj lawn care serviceLIME APPLICATION/ pH Management
A pelletized, fortified lime is applied to neutralize acidic soils. Ideal pH improves nutrient absorption and stress tolerance of your lawn. Recommended annually. Greengrass Lawncare applies a full 40-50 pounds of lime per 1,000 square feet.

A single application offers season long control. Recommended for lawns with a history of grub activity.

Golf Course Technology For Your Lawn! Annual aeration reduces thatch build-up, and manages thatch at healthy levels. Relieves soil compaction. Reduces disease and insect activity. Promotes deeper root development. Improves air, water, and nutrient movement throughout the soil. Minimizes water run-off. Recommended annually. Greengrass uses a “double-pattern”, making more holes than any single process.

Maximizes the health and density of your lawn. Naturally crowds out weeds and weedy grasses. Improves stress tolerance. Builds a more attractive lawn. Greengrass uses only 100% gold or blue tag certified grass seed. We seed your entire lawn, and include an additional process to detail trouble spots. Available ONLY in conjunction with Core Aeration.

Eliminates weeds and weedy grasses from paved sidewalks and curbs.

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