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nj lawn careWe are pleased to have this opportunity to introduce Greengrass Lawncare to you. Family owned & operated since 1987, our reputation has been built on quality work and personalized service.

Here at Greengrass we are as concerned about safety and the environment, as we are about growing the healthiest lawn possible. We start by using custom blended granular fertilizers. Careful inspection procedures and numerous mechanical processes further reduce the need for excessive pesticides. All walks and paved areas are blown clear after every application.

Greengrass Lawncare offers the widest range of beneficial services for your lawn. Our premise is to grow the healthiest lawn possible using natural methods. Annual core aeration and seeding is the key to healthier turf. By working first with the soil, and building a dense lawn, we achieve our goals by using significantly less pesticides. We believe our approach is more sensible and environmentally safer.

Greengrass equals choice! A wide selection of programs allows you the opportunity to choose the level of care that is right for you. We specialize in tailoring our programs to meet your needs and your budget.

Please feel free to browse the site and take a look at our Programs and Services. If you need an estimate right away, you can fill out the Free Estimate Form or call us at (732) 363-1622 to schedule an appointment.

GreenGrass Lawn Care Inc. ANJ Lawn Care Servicesince 1987. P.O. Box 568, Howell, NJ 07731 - (732) 363-1622



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